Winterkongress 2020

Recht & Politik
Vortrag Einstieg

Digital integrity of the human person, proposal for a new fundamental right

Alexis Roussel

um  17:00im Raum  Proberaumfür  30min

Every human evolves today in multi-dimensional physical and digital environment. If each individual is to keep its individuality and autonomy in its daily choices, it must be protected and given effective tools to defend its own autonomy.

Recognizing that human life has been digitally extended must question ourselves on what makes us human today. Should personal data be considered as component of the person, rather than objects that can be owned by whoever collects that data? Should our digital integrity be protected?

If each human person already has a right to physical and mental integrity (Swiss Constitution article 10 al.2), shouldn’t it have a right to digital integrity?

This talk will introduce this new legal concept, its possible implications for data protection and how this concept could be introduced in the current legal framework.

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